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Follow your dream… Escape to the coast!

I was at the NEC in Birmingham recently, representing Searivers Leisure Ltd at the Caravan Show. Wow, that place is massive, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s as big as Ynylas or Borth. There were thousands of people there, all rushing around, all busy, busy, busy. Being from the Mid Wales Coast, I’m not used to seeing so many people, it was quite disconcerting, and I was secretly glad that I did not have to endure this human congestion every day. It made me think how lucky I was to come from where I do.

Another thing that struck me was the traffic, dear God and little baby Jesus, I would never be able to cope with that every day. I was actually stuck on a roundabout for about 15 minutes, trying to find the correct exit. Roundabout they called it, to me it seemed like a small country being constantly circled by a guard of cars and lorries. Anyway, I eventually fluked my way off Roundaboutistan, and with great relief I was heading North West, and for the coast.

Whilst at the show, I met a lot of nice people, all with their own version of a dream of escaping the Metropolis, and following me to the beach. Why do they have this dream? Well, from my short time in and around Birmingham and from what people were telling me, it was apparent that the City dwellers life is filled with stress, there is a strange tension on the streets, congestion, pollution, there are social, political and racial issues, it is an unpleasant human stew, with too many rotten ingredients. It is no wonder people are fleeing this hideousness and flocking to the tranquillity and beauty of the Welsh coast. Many of our wonderful caravan owners at Searivers, Cambrian Coast and Riverside tell me they can actually feel the tension rising from them as they approach their sanctuary.

Whilst we do have our own socio-economic problems here in Wales, we, in contrast to the city, have them in the most pleasant surroundings, wide open spaces, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, wild, rugged mountain ranges, just waiting to be explored, historic castles dating back thousands of years, rivers, lakes, and perhaps most importantly, a calmer, less stressed attitude.

For those of you reading this, that haven’t yet followed your dream of escaping to the coast, or are in the process of doing so, please check out the caravans for sale on the website, with caravans from as little as £7,995 your dream might be more affordable than you think and a calmer existence closer than you had thought. I appreciate that purchasing a caravan can sometimes be a stressful process, it doesn’t have to be, I would be more than willing to give you my help and advice. Feel free to contact me for a no obligation, no pressure chat. Email if you prefer, the contact details are on the website. I’m off for a brisk walk to the beach now! Make your dream a reality with Searivers Leisure Ltd.

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Ynyslas, The Walk

A weak Eastern Sun is struggling to rise, as if reluctant to leave those from distant lands in darkness, to sleep or to suffer, whichever fate decides. Slowly it climbs above the distant dark mountains, but still not fully prepared to show itself, as it hides behind the blister blue clouds, unwilling to share with me the warmth I need.

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